Top Tips for Sliding Glass Door Security

Here in Pembrokeshire we aren’t short of breathtaking views, with this, many of us have glass sliding doors in our properties. Being able to bring the outdoors in and having direct access to somewhere like your garden on those summer days!

However just like any external door, it needs to have an appropriate locking system to ensure that your home is correctly secured. Many burglars take advantage of people either not locking their doors correctly or not locking them at all. Below is a list of some of the best ways to secure your glass doors and protect your property during those Pembrokeshire summer days.

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1. Check Your Door Frame

If you’re looking to install glass sliding doors in Pembrokeshire you must make sure that the door frame is capable of supporting locking mechanisms. There are many different styles of sliding doors available so you need to consider whether you would like one or both doors to slide and if those doors can be secured adequately.

2. Install a Lock Specifically for Glass Sliding Doors

Wherever you’re based in Pembrokeshire, from Fishguard to Haverfordwest, Milford Haven to Tenby, it’s critically important to ensure your door is as secure as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is by making sure to fit a lock that was made specifically for a glass sliding door. Doors will usually come with a standard lock, however the standard lock maybe not be the best and most secure option.

The best locks are those designed specifically for glass door security, are impossible to force open and cannot be tampered with by children as they are installed at the top of the door.

Generally, glass sliding door locks have two different settings, one for when the door is completely closed and locked, and another for allowing the door to be locked whilst leaving a gap for air circulation, so when you’re home you can enjoy the warm summer air…. Or the sound of the rain that we’re all very used to here in Pembrokeshire!

3. Install a Door Brace or Deadbolt

Once you’ve ensured your lock is designed for glass sliding doors, there are more ways to increase securtiy. Although, we’re not regularly under threat from unwanted guests in Pembrokeshire, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take safety and security seriously.

For further protection you could consider including a door brace or deadbolt. Door braces are a great addition for French doors as they can withstand a lot of pressure. However much force is applied to the door by anyone trying to gain entry, with a door brace, your door will remain where it is, even if the doors are unlocked.

A deadbolt lock is ideal for ensuring that the door will not slide back, most sliding doors will permit the attachment of deadbolt.

You may also consider applying a shatterproof window film as it provides an extra layer of protection if anything does happen to your door.


To go along with the suggestions above you may want to consider adding CCTV to your property. These days many people throughout Pembrokeshire now have security cameras installed around their homes.

When thinking about adding CCTV, make sure you cover all entery and exit points, including front, back, side and garage doors for maximum security.

Many CCTV systems can connect directly to your smartphone, these can also be set to begin recording when motion is detected or record continuously.

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