Securing an Older Property

Throughout Pembrokeshire there are plenty of houses, cottages and farms dating back hundreds of years. As lovely as it is to own and live in these beautiful historical buildings, it is important to know how to keep them as secure as possible.

We’ve put together a few simple suggestions to help give you peace of mind when securing your home.

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Lock Your Door

As ridiculous as it may sound you’d be surprised how many people don’t take locking their doors seriously. Many people forget to lock their doors when they leave the house and some even choose not to, or may lock the front door but not the back. We’d always advise that you lock all the doors around your home to keep it safe and secure. 

When you go to go to the effort of locking your door, you need it to be effective. Although some older locks can be very ornate and beautiful it’s worth having them checked over by a locksmith as older, outdated locks can become less reliable from wear and tear. It’s also possible they may not have been fitted correctly in the first place.

At Pembrokeshire Locks, we’d be happy to offer you any advice on older locks and the best way to secure your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns.

Make Use of Technolgoy

Just because you live in an older property doesn’t mean you can’t make use of some more modern inventions to help make your home safer. Some options you might like to consider are window sensors, smart lights, security cameras, and a reliable alarm system.

In recent years smart doorbell cameras have become widely available, which are another great option to take a look at. They allow you to automatically capture footage of people, and sometimes even animals, that approach your property, you’re even able to check these on your smartphone when out and about or on holiday. Some smart doorbells will actually allow you to chat with the person standing outside of your home.

Putting measures in place to secure your home can seem costly, but when we think about the possibilities and costs, both financially and mentally, that can arise if your home is not properly secured, I’m sure you’d agree it’s worthwhile to consider all your options.

Check the Condition of Windows and Doors

When moving into an older property it’s important to inspect the windows and doors as these are a major source of security or, if unsecure, potential entry for unwanted guests!

Some older properties may have their original windows and doors, if so, they may no longer be offering you adequate security. If you notice any rotting, breezes coming through or they simply feel a little rickety, then it’s probably time to get them replaced.

There’s no denying this will be an expensive job but it can really help increase the security of your home and will often help lower your bills over time, as newer doors and windows tend to be more efficient, as well as secure.

If you particularly like the historical doors and windows in your property then it is sometimes possible to upgrade what you’ve already got rather than replace them, you may want to look into this option before picking out new ones altogether.

When you upgrade your property’s security, you also add to your peace of mind!

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