Our Top Tips for Finding Lost Keys

Can you picture the moment when you realise you’ve lost your keys, and then the panic that comes with it?

Unfortunately, one way or another it’s happened to us all – you’re in a hurry to leave the house, and suddenly, no matter where you look can’t find your keys. Panic soon sets in as you frantically search through the house, looking in coats, bags, anything with pockets, and every other possible place you think they could be, all with time creeping on!

Don’t worry, we’re going to share practical tips and advice we’ve learned over the years to help you try to find your lost keys before you need to call a locksmith out.

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1. Check Your Pockets and Bags

You may think it sounds silly, but sometimes we don’t think to check the most obvious places. Make sure that you check all your pockets and bags, even if you feel absoutely sure you didn’t leave your keys there.  Also, you could try retracing your steps and going through the pockets of the clothes that you’ve worn recently. It’s always worth checking just in case! You never know, your lost keys could simply be sitting in yesterday’s jeans!


2. Search Throughout the House

There are plenty of hiding places for keys in your home! It’s easy to pop your keys down when you’ve had a busy day and then completely forget where you left them, or worse still have them fall out of a pocket when you sit down on the sofa. Those are just a couple of examples of how keys go missing at home.

Hidden down the sides of sofas and chairs is a common spot for keys and other things that fall out of pockets or of your lap. When checking tthrough your sofa make sure your very thorough, you could even use a torch to help you.

What about the kitchen? Many households have a designated spot for their keys in the kitchen. This might be a place on the worktop, a set of key hooks, a key bowl or something similar. Be sure to check any of those places in your kitchen in case you have in fact left them in the right place and just missed them in the rush! If you don’t find them, you could even give your cupboard a check in case they got caught when putting away your shopping, or something like this.

A room you could forget to check is the bathroom.
It’s easy to leave your keys whilst washing your hands or doing your hair. When having a look through your bathroom be sure to check the counter, sink, and any nearby shelves or drawers. Additionally, it may be worth looking down for your keys. After a long day at work, you may just drop your keys on the bathroom floor with your clothes.

Lastly, although it may seem silly, have a look at any of your lockable doors. You may have popped the keys in the lock to lock or unlock the door, and then forgotten to pull them out.

3. Look in the Car

You’d be surprised how often people leave their keys in the car, maybe they’ve been dropped on the seat, fallen out of a bag or even left in the ignition. So, if you’ve not had much luck looking round the house, we’d suggest heading out to check your car.

Whether or not you keep your house and car keys attached it’s worth double-checking all the usual hiding places around your car, such as, the floor, on/in the seats, in the glove compartment, through the boot, on top of the car and anywhere else you can think of. If you have a roofbox you could check this too.

It’s important to never overlook the most obvious when searching for your lost keys as you never know when you had them last.

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