Make Sure You Know Your Local Emergency Locksmith

Cold weather can cause some serious inconveniences, especially with the locks on your home. As I’m sure everybody’s been feeling the low winter temperatures have truly hit, and rather suddenly at that.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to know who your local emergency locksmith is. We’re always on hand to help keep you and your home safe, striving to make any issues with your locks as stress-free as possible.

What can happen to your locks in the Winter weather?

Frozen Locks

Although we don’t get as much Snow in Pembrokeshire as some parts of Wales, the rain and icy conditions can cause moisture to build it inside the locks on your home.

When the temperature drops the moisture inside will freeze, which can actually stop the lock from turning when the key is inserted. If a lot of moisture has gotten into your lock, once it’s frozen, the build-up of ice can even prevent the key from entering all together.

Sometimes people may suggest applying gentle heat from a lighter, a blow dryer, or warm water to thor the frozen lock. However, not only may you not be able to get inside to access these things, but if not done properly, trying to defrost the lock yourself can cause further damage.

An emergency locksmith will be able to unfreeze your locks, repair any damage or replace the lock entirely if needed. An emergency locksmith may also recommend updates to your home security so that frozen locks are less likely to occur, or so you’ll have other ways to safely enter your home, like with the help of a keyless entry system.

2. Holiday Security
During the winter, many families leave Pembrokeshire for a warm holiday away from the wind and rain. Although we’re quite lucky and the county of Pembrokeshire doesnt suffer home break-ins as regularly as some other counties around the UK. Home break-ins generally occur more frequently during the winter for this reason. Getting back from a family holiday to find your home has been broken into can be extremely overwhelming. An emergency locksmith will be able to quickly repair any damage, replace your locks immediately and recommend updates to your home security so the chances of someone ever getting into your home again are very slim. Deadbolts, camera locks, or keyless entries may be upgrades that your considering, give Pembrokeshire Locks a call to discuss some options and we’ll be happy to help.

3. Old Locks
The cold is rough on all locks, but old outdated locks can take a beating in the winter. If you’ve noticed that you have to jiggle your keys in your locks or try more than once to turn the key in the door, the chances are that your locks are failing. Ignoring problems with your locks can result in emergency situations like lockouts or break-ins. An emergency locksmith will be able to bail you out in a jam caused by an old or outdated lock, but why not update those locks before you end up in an emergency situation. Pembrokeshire Locks will happily assist in refitting new locks for you before the problems get any worse.

For these three reasons and countless others, be sure to have an emergency locksmith on hand to call this winter. Get in touch with Pembrokeshire Locks today before you find yourself in a cold situation.

Keep an eye out for our next blog to help your get the best from your local locksmiths with Pembrokeshire Locks.

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