How Do We Price Your Job?

Locksmiths have been playing a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of our homes and businesses, in one form or another, for 1000s of years. However, when you find yourself in need of their services, you may feel as though it can be a big bill.

Pembrokeshire Locks are always on hand to offer advice and help ensure you’ve got the best possible lock whatever the circumstances.

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The Value Of Locksmith Training And Certifications

Firstly, it’s important to understand what a locksmith’s job involves. A locksmith has developed the complex skills needed to open a door that has a lost key, to fit new locks properly so that they are secure, and Pembrokeshire Locksmiths are on-call to do so 24/7. These are just a few aspects of our role.

At Pembrokeshire Locks we are highly skilled professionals with decades of experience, as well as, undergoing extensive training. Our job is to assist with one of the most important safety features of your home, garage, or commercial building so we must be prepared to offer you the best advice and then, if needed, be able to fit the locks for you.

The Time and Place That You Need Us

When we pricing up your job one factor taken into consideration is the time of day that we come out to visit you and how far we have travelled. Unfortunately, emergencies very rarely come at convenient times! At Pembrokeshire Locksmiths you can call us out 24/7 365 days a year, however depending on when and where we are called to, this will contribute to the price of the job.

Proper Equipment

A very important factor that comes into the cost of our services at Pembrokeshire Locksmiths is having and maintaining the proper tools that we use.

Our skilled locksmiths have a vast range of specialised tools and equipment that our work would be impossible to complete without. This includes our specialised lock picks, pick guns, tension tools, key-cutting machines and much more.

Every tool is different, requires care and must be used properly. Our tools are often costly to purchase and maintain, but it is critical that we carry the best equipment to be able to help you quickly and efficiently, this cost is considered when we price up our jobs.

The Value of Your Safety and Security

As a final note it is important to consider that not all locksmith services are the same, they vary in time and skills needed. At Pembrokeshire Locksmiths we guarantee excellent quality workmanship and are proud to stand behind their work.

It is also essentcial to consider the value of securing your home or business. You can not put a price on your safety and looking after what you own. Having a professional locksmith from Pembrokeshire Locksmith is a worthwhile investment.

Our skilled local locksmiths will help to provide you with the peace of mind that your home is protected and that you and your family are safe.

Please contact Pembrokeshire Locks for friendly advice from experts with years and years in the business, we’d love to help and offer you any assistance that we can.

01834 860 313           07866 182 287

Keep an eye out for our next blog to help your get the best from your local locksmiths with Pembrokeshire Locks.

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