What To Do if You Snap a Key into a Lock

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There are many reasons why a key can snap in a lock.

Maybe the key is old and has become fragile from years of wear and tear. Perhaps you’ve accidentally placed the wrong key into a lock, realising your mistake you gently try to wiggle it out, then you hear ‘SNAP!’ and now half the key is sitting deep in the lock, leaving you feeling completely stuck.

Whatever has caused it, it’s the last thing you want to go wrong!

Here at Pembrokeshire Locks we want to share our expertise with you whenever we can. After decades of experience, we’ve compiled a few helpful suggestions for you to try before deciding it is well and truly stuck and giving us a call to come out and help.

1. Needle-Nose Pliers

First things first, have a good look at the key sitting in the lock, is it sticking out of the lock? If so, you may be able to get a grip on the part of the key you can see. We would recommend using some needle-nose pliers to grab the end of the key and try to slowly pull it out of the lock.

To avoid breaking the key further, make sure that you have a firm grip on the end and be careful not to let the pillars slip off. This is especially important as you don’t want to end up pushing the key any further into the lock.

2. Apply a Lubricant

If you haven’t had any luck with the pillars then you may want to try lubricating the lock. You can put graphite powder or something similar into the lock cylinder, once you’ve done this go back to our trusty needle-nose pliers and try once again to pull the key out, you could even try with your fingers if you can pinch the end.

If you’re unsure about what lubricants to use then feel free to give us a call at Pembrokeshire Locks for some advice.

3. Give Us a Call

If you’ve not managed to remove the key after trying the above, or you’re simply concerned about causing further damage to your lock then give Pembrokeshire Locks a call! We’re available 24/7 throughout Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and the surrounding areas. We can assist with removing the broken key and offer advice on what next steps you might consider.

Once a key has snapped in a lock you may want to consider replacing the lock altogether, it’s hard to determine what damage may have been caused within the lock and you wouldn’t want to end up going through the same hassle again! If you’re not sure about changing your lock don’t worry Pembrokeshire Locks makes every effort to lessen the stress of the situation for you and make changing the locks a seamless transition.

Please contact Pembrokeshire Locks for friendly advice from experts with years and years in the business, we’d love to help and offer you any assistance that we can.

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